Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Folks:

The other day a young karate instructor from L.A., Jeremy Goulder, came to New York on business and an instructor friend of his, Robb Van Der Volgen a lovely guy who also lives in L.A. and who'd come to New York for karate critiquing several years earlier, asked if I'd be willing to give Jeremy some pointers up on our rooftop "dojo," which of course I was more than pleased to do.  Turned out, as I fully expected, that Jeremy was also a lovely person, and over dinner here following our workout upstairs, he mentioned that he and his brother were film producers specializing in documentaries.  

He was too modest, for when we pressed him about his (relatively recent) career accomplishments, he told us about a film they had done that began by recording an unknown street musician in Santa Monica they knew and then going around virtually the entire world with that and other compositions, letting other street musicians listen to the music and then improvising on what they were hearing.  The theme, of course, was that music was the only way to heal the soul and build bridges to a more peaceful world.  

We just got the DVD set (it comes with a CD of all the music as well) and watched it last night.  Absolutely fabulous, and the first thing we said after coming out of the mesmerized state in which it left us was, If you haven't already, you folks gotta see it.  It'll make you even prouder of the sort of people attracted to Uechi-ryu.

It's called Playing for Change.

We're off on a month's assignment in Egypt in a couple of days.

All the best,

Dave & Evelyn

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dojo in Georgia

Dear Mattson Sensei,

My name is Brian Scurlock and I am currently a Sandan in Shohei Ryu Karate. My Sensei is Shelby Kenney (Rokudan) of Brandon,Ms. whose Sensei is Shigeru Takamiyagi of Chatan dojo Okinawa. I recently moved to Snellville ,Ga. in Oct.2010 and hope to start a class at the Centerville Community Center in Snellville,Ga. in Jan.2012(1st available opening). I have traveled to Madison ,Ga. and trained with Chris Peotrowski twice already, he is a Shodan in Uechi Ryu and a fine Karate Ka. Any other contacts in our systems that you know of in this area would be greatly appreciated as it is a 1-11/2 hour drive for me to Chris’s school.
I would enjoy very much meeting anyone in this area, our systems are not as plentiful in the Georgia region.
Thank you for all that you have done to keep the Uechi ryu flame burning brightly for all to see.

Brian Scurlock
Service supervisor
Scale Systems Division

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Virginia Dojo sensei was at SummerFest

Thank you Sensei for allowing me to experience Summerfest. It was fantastic! Such a treat to meet everyone, and work to with so many talented and generous instructors. It was very inspiring, and I am honored to have been witness to Bills promotion. It was also a great pleasure to meet your charming wife. My sincerest gratitude for your generosity.


Frank Nash


Thanks so much for a terrific weekend. Once again I had another wonderful experience.
It was an honor and a privilege to be present for the Masters’ Ceremony and festivities.
Thanks again for keeping the Summer Fest tradition alive.
I am looking forward to next year. Have a safe trip back to Florida.

Best regards,

Phil Porter dies

To the martial arts community:

O’Sensei passed away at 2:30 P.M. today, Sunday August 7, 2011. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas. He slipped into a coma Thursday morning and did not regain consciousness. While I understand not everyone agreed with Phil, we all must recognize his contribution to Judo and the other martial arts. Please join with me in wishing his family well.
Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D.
Executive Director
United States Martial Arts Association

Feeding Crane Seminar Presenter

Mattson sensei,

I just wanted to say thanks for a fun weekend. I enjoyed the summerfest, and had a good time sharing some of the basics of the Feeding Crane with folks and doing the demo on Saturday night. You have a very nice group of students, and the event had a great atmosphere.

Take care, and thanks again. I will also be sure to be in touch with you as soon as I have Liu sifu's seminar dates finalized for October.